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 These are the exact dates of each of the (private visits, locutions, dictations, and visions) exactly as she received them. To download, click on the text and click save.

January 1st

January 1st

Ch-363 txt

Ch-363 audio

January 2nd

January 2

Ch-364 txt

Ch-364 audio

January 4th

January 4


January 6th

January 6

January 7th

January 7


January 9th

January 9


January 11th

January 11


January 13th

January 13


January 15th

January 15


January 20th

January 20

January 21st

January 21

Ch-365 txt

Ch-365 audio

Ch-366 txt

Ch-366 audio

Ch-367 txt

Ch-367 audio

Ch-368 txt

Ch-368 audio

Ch-369 txt

Ch-369 audio

Ch-370 txt

Ch-370 audio

January 28th 29th

January 28-29


Ch-371 txt

Ch-371 audio

Ch-372 txt

Ch-372 audio


February 2nd

February 2

Ch-373 txt

Ch-373 audio

Ch-374 txt

Ch-374 audio

Ch-375 txt

Ch-375 audio


Ch-377 txt

Ch-377 audio

Ch-378 txt

Ch-378 audio

February 8th

February 8

February 9h

February 9

Ch-379 txt

Ch-379 aydio

February 10th

February 10

Ch-380 txt

Ch-380 audio

February 11th

February 11

Ch-381 txt

Ch-381 audio


February 14th

February 14

Ch-382 txt

Ch-382 audio

Ch-383 txt

Ch-383 audio

Ch-384 txt

Ch-384 audio

February 17th

February 17

Ch-385 txt

Ch-385 audio

Ch-386 txt

Ch-386 audio

Ch-387 txt

Ch-387 audio

February 20th

February 20

Ch-388 txt

Ch-388 audio

Ch-389 txt

Ch-389 audio

Ch-390 txt

Ch-390 audio

February 23rd

February 23


February 25th

February 25

Ch-391 txt

Ch-391 audio

Ch-392 txt

Ch-392 audio

Ch-393 txt

Ch-393 audi

Ch-394 txt

Ch-394 audio


Ch-395 txt

Ch-395 audio


Ch-396 txt

Ch-396 audio


Ch-397 txt

Ch-397 audio


Ch-398 txt

Ch-398 audio

Ch-399 txt

Ch-399 audio


Ch-400 txt

Ch-400 audio


Ch-401 txt

Ch-401 audio


Ch-402 txt

Ch-402 audio

Ch-403 txt

Ch-403 audio

Ch-405 txt

Ch-405 audio


Ch-406 txt

Ch-406 audio


Narch 5th

March 5


March 8th

March 8

March 9th

March 9


March 12th

March 12

March 13th

March 13

March 14th

March 14

March 15th

March 15


March 17th

March 17

March 18fh

March 18


March 20th

March 20

March 21st

March 21


March 24th

March 24

March 25th

March 25


April 1st

April 1

Ch-407 txt

Ch-407 audio


Ch-408 txt

Ch-408 audio


April 7th

April 7

Ch-410 txt

Ch-410 audio

Ch-411 txt

Ch-411 audio

Ch-412 txt

Ch-412 audio

Ch-413 txt

Ch-413 audio


Ch-416 txt

Ch-416 audio


April 18th

April 18

April 19th

April 19

April 20th

April 20

Ch-419 txt

Ch-419 audio


Ch-420 txt

Ch-420 audio

Ch-421 txt

Ch-421 txt


Ch-422 audio

Ch-422 txt


Ch-423 txt

Ch-423 audio

Ch-424 txt

Ch-424 audio

Ch-425 txt

Ch-425 audio

May 3rd

May 3

Ch-426 txt

Ch-426 audio


Ch-427 txt

Ch-427 audio

Ch-429 txt

Ch-429 audio


Ch-430 txt

Ch-430 audio

Ch-431 txt

Ch-431 audio

Ch-432 txt

Ch-432 audio


May 13th

May 13

Ch-433 txt

Ch-433 audio

Ch-434 txt

Ch-434 audio

Ch-435 txt

Ch-435 audio

May 16th

May 16

Ch-436 txt

Ch-436 audio


Ch-437 txt

Ch-437 audio

May 21st

May 21

Ch-438 txt

Ch-438 audio

Ch-439 txt

Ch-439 audio

Ch-440 txt

Ch-440 audio


Ch-441 txt

Ch-441 audio

May 26th

May 26


May 28th.

May 28


Ch-442 txt

Ch-442 audio


June 1st

June 1

June 2nd

June 2

Ch-443 txt

Ch-443 audio

Ch-444 txt

Ch-444 audio


June 17th

June 17


June 20th

June 20

Ch445 txt

Ch-445 audio


Ch-446 txt

Ch-446 audio

Ch-447 txt

Ch-447 audio

Ch-448 txt

Ch-448 audio

Ch-449 txt

Ch-449 audio


Ch-450 txt

Ch-450 audio


Ch-451 txt

Ch-451 audio

Ch-452 txt

Ch-452 audio


Ch-453 txt

Ch-453 audio


July 12th

July 12

Ch-454 txt

Ch-454 audio


Ch-455 txt

Ch-455 audio

Ch-456 txt

Ch-456 audio

Ch-457 txt

Ch-457 audio

Ch-458 txt

Ch-458 audio


Ch-459 txt

Ch-459 audio


Ch-460 txt

Ch-460 audio

Ch-461 txt

Ch-461 audio


Ch- 462 txt

Ch-462 audio


Ch-463 txt

Ch-463 audio


Ch-464 txt

Ch-464 audio


Ch-465 txt

Ch-465 audio

Ch-467 txt

Ch-467 audio

Ch-468 txt

Ch-468 audio


Ch-469 txt

Ch-469 audio


Ch-470 txt

Ch-470 audio


Ch-471 txt

Ch-471 audio

Ch-472 txt

Ch-472 audio


Ch-473 txt

Ch-473 audio


Ch-474 txt

Ch-474 audio

August 20th

August 20

Ch-475 txt

Ch-475 audio

Ch-476 txt

Ch-476 audio


Ch-477 txt

Ch-477 audio


Ch-478 txt

Ch-478 audio

Ch-479 txt

Ch-479 audio

Ch-480 txt

Ch-480 audio

Ch-481 txt

Ch-481 audio


Ch-482 txt

Ch-482 audio

Ch-483 txt

Ch-483 audio


Ch-484 txt

Ch-484 audio

Ch-485 txt

Ch-485 audio

Ch-486 txt

Ch-486 audio

Ch-487 txt

Ch-487 audio


Ch-488 txt

Ch-488 audio


Ch-489 txt

Ch-4189 audio

Ch-490 txt

Ch-490 audio


Ch-491 txt

Ch-491 audio

Ch-492 txt

Ch-492 audio

Ch-493 txt

Ch-493 audio

Ch-494 txt

Ch-494 audio


Ch-495 txt

Ch-495 audio

Ch-496 txt

Ch-496 audio

Ch-497 txt

Ch-497 audio

Ch-498 txt

Ch-498 audio

Ch-499 txt

Ch-499 audio

September 25th

September 25

Ch-500 txt

Ch-500 audio

Ch-502 txt

Ch-502 audio

Ch-503 txt

Ch-503 audio

September 28th

September 28

Ch-504 txt

Ch-504 audio


Ch-505 txt

Ch-505 audio


October 5th

October 5

October 6 & 7th

October 6-7

Ch-506 txt

Ch-506 audio

Ch-507 txt

Ch-507 audio


Ch-508 txt

Ch-508 audio

Ch-509 txt

Ch-509 audio

October 12th

October 12

Ch-510 txt

Ch-510 audio

October 13th

October 13

Ch-511 txt

Ch-511 audio


Ch-512 txt

Ch-512 audio

Ch-513 txt

Ch-513 audio


Ch-514 txt

Ch-514 audio


October 24th

October 24

Ch-515 txt

Ch-515 audio

Ch-516 txt

Ch-516 audio


Ch-517 txt

Ch-517 audio

Ch-518 txt

Ch-518 audio


Ch-519 txt

Ch-519 audio

Ch-520 txt

Ch-520 audio

Ch-521 txt

Ch-521 audio


Ch-522 txt

Ch-522 audio


Ch-523 txt

Ch-523 audio


Ch-524 txt

Ch-524 audio

Ch-525 txt

Ch-525 audio

Ch-526 txt

Ch-526 audio


Ch-527 txt

Ch-527 audio


Ch-528 txt

Ch-528 audio

Ch-529 txt

Ch-529 audio


Ch-530 txt

Ch-530 audio


Ch-531 txt

Ch-531 audio

Ch-532 txt

Ch-532 audio


Ch-533 txt

Ch-533 audio


Ch-534 txt

Ch-534 audio


December 8th

December 8

Ch-535 txt

Ch-535 audio


Ch-536 txt

Ch-536 zudio


December 14th

December 14

Ch-537 txt

Ch-537 audio


Ch-538 txt

Ch-538 audio


Ch-539 txt

Ch-839 auddio

Ch-540 txt

Ch-540 audio

Ch-541 txt

Ch-541 audio

Ch-542 txt

Ch-542 audio

Ch-543 txt

Ch-543 augbio

Ch-544 txt

Ch-544 audio

Ch-545 txt

Ch-545 audio

December 25th

December 25

Ch-546 txt

Ch-546 audio

Ch-547 txt

Ch-547 audio


December 30th

December 30

Ch-548 txt

Ch-548 audio