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These are the exact dates of each of the (private visits, locutions, dictations, and visions) exactly as she received them. To download, click on the text and click save.  


Ch-549 txt

Ch-549 audio


January 7th

January 7

Ch-550 txt

Ch-450 audio


Ch-551 txt

Ch-551 audio

Ch-552 txt

Ch-552 audio


Ch-553 txt

Ch-553 audio


Ch-554 txt

Ch-554 audio

Ch-555 txt

Ch-555 audio

January 19th

January 19


Ch-556 txt

Ch-556 audio

Ch-557 txt

Ch-557 audio

Ch-558 txt

Ch-558 audio


January 28th

January 28


February 3rd

February 3


Ch-559 txt

Ch-559 audio

Ch-560 txt

Ch-560 audio

Ch-561 txt

Ch-561 audio

Ch-562 txt

Ch-562 audio


Ch-563 txt

Ch-563 audio


Ch-564 txt

Ch-564 audio


Ch-565 txt

ch-565 audio


February 18th

February 18


Ch-566 txt

Ch-566 audio


Ch-567 txt

Ch-467 audio

Februay 28th

February 28

Ch-568 txt

Ch-568 audio

Ch-569 txt

Ch-569 audio

Ch-570 txt

Ch-570 audio

Ch-571 txt

Ch-571 audio

Ch-572 txt

Ch-572 audio

Ch- 573 txt

Ch-573 audio


Ch-574 txt

Ch-574 audio

Ch-575 txt

Ch-575 audio


Ch-576 txt

Ch-576 audio


March 14th

March 14

Ch-577 txt

Ch-577 audio


Ch-578 txt

Ch-578 audio

Ch-579 txt

Ch-579 audio

Ch-580 txt

Ch-580 audio


Ch-581 txt

Ch-581 audio


Ch-582 txt

Ch-582 audio


Ch-583 txt

Ch-583 audio

Ch-584 txt

Ch-584 audio

Ch-586 txt

Ch-586 audio

Ch-588 txt

Ch-588 audio

Ch-590 txt

Ch-590 audio

April 1st

April 1

Ch-592 txt

Ch-592 audio

April 2nd

April 2

Ch-594 txt

Ch-594 audio

Ch-596 txt

Ch-596 audio


April 6th

April 6

April 7th

April 7

April 8th

April 8


April 10th

April 10

Ch-626 txt

Ch-626 audio


Ch-627 txt

Ch-627 audio


Ch-628 txt

Ch-628 audio


April 18th

April 18

Ch-629 txt

Ch-629 audio

Ch-630 txt

Ch-630 audio


Ch-631 txt

Ch-631 audio

Ch-632 txt

Ch-632 audio

April 24th

April 24

Ch-634 txt

Ch-634 audio


Ch-635 txt

Ch-635 audio

Ch-636 txt

Ch-636 audio

April 28th

April 28

Ch-648 txt

Ch-648 audio

May 5th

May 5

May 8th

May 8

May 9th

May 9

May 14th

May 14

May 16th

May 16

May 17th

May 17

May 22nd

May 22

May 23rd

May 23

May 30th

May 30

June 13th

June 13

June 15th

June 15

June 29th

June 29

July 16th

July 16

July 24th

July 24

July 27th

July 27

August 10th

August 10

August 20th

August 20

August 29th

August 29

September 6th

September 6

September 14th

September 14

September 17th

September 17

September 19th

September 19

September 22nd

September 22

September 24th

September 24

September 25th

September 25

September 30th

September 30

October 7th

October 7

October 12th

October 12

October 15th

October 15

October 17th

October 17

October 19th

October 19

October 23rd

October 23

October 24th

October 24

October 28th

October 28

October 30th

October 30

October 31st

October 31

November 1st

November 1

November 4th

November 4

November 9th

November 9

November 17th

November 17

November 18th

November 18

November 25th

November 25

December 1st

December 1

December 6th

December 6

December 7th

December 7

December 8th

December 8

December 25th

December 25

December 28th

December 28

December 29th

December 29

December 31st

December 31