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Diaries From 1944
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These are the exact dates of each of the (private visits, locutions, dictations, and visions) exactly as she received them. To download, click on the text and click save.


January 1

January 2nd

January 2

January 3rd

January 3

January 4th

January 4

January 5th

January 5

January 6th

January 6

January 7th

January 7

January 8th

January 8

January 9th

January 9

January 10th

January 10

January 11th

January 11

January 12th

January 12

January 13th

January 13

January 14th

January 14

January 15th

January 15

January 16th

January 16

Ch-52 txt

Ch-52 audio

January 17th

January 17

January 19th

January 19

January 20th

January 20

Jamuary 21-22

January 21-22

Ch-235 txt

Ch-235 audio

January 23rd

January 23

January 25th

January 25

Ch-36 txt

Ch-36 audio

January 27th

j January 27

Ch-41 txt

Ch41 audio

January 29th

January 29

January 30th

January 30

Ch185 audio

January 31st

January 31

Ch-32 txt

Ch-32 audio

February 3rd

February 3

Ch-45 txt

Ch-45 audio

February 4th

February 4

Ch-42 txt

Ch-io42 audio

February 6th

February 6

February 7th

February 7

February 8th

February 8

Ch-44 txt

Ch-44 aucio

Ch-599 txt

Ch-599 audio

February 13th

February 13

Ch-101 txt

Ch-101 audio

Ch-106 txt

Ch-106 audio

February 14th

February 14

Ch-6000 txt

Ch-600 audio

Ch-597 txt

Ch-597 audio

Ch-606 txt

Ch-606 audio

February 20th

February 20

Ch-609 txt

Ch-609 audio

February 21st

February 21

Ch-614 txt

Ch-614 audio

Ch-616 txt

Ch-616 audio

February 22nd

February 22

Ch-633 txt

Ch-633 audio

Ch-46 txt

Ch-46 audio

Ch-47 txt

Ch-47 audio

February 26fh

February 26

February 27th

February 27

February 28th

February 28

Ch-34 txt

Ch-34 audio

February 29th

February 29

March 1st

March 1

March 2nd

March 2

March 3rd

Narch 3

March 4th

March 4

Ch-273 txt

Ch-273 audio

Narch 5th

March 5

Ch-17 audio

March 6th

March 6

March 7th

March 7

March 8th

March 8

Ch-16 tx

Ch-16 audio



March 16th

March 16

March 18th

March 18

March 19th

March 19

March 20th 
17 Sept-1946

Ch-37 txt

Ch-37 audio

March 22nd

March 22


March 25th

March 25

Ch-18 txt

Ch-18 audio

March 28fh

March 28

Ch-20 txt

Ch-20 audio

March 29th

March 29

March 30th

March 30

Ch-601 txt


Ch-21 txt

Ch-21 audio

Ch-22 txt

Ch-22 audio

Ch-23 txt

Ch-23 audio

Ch-24 txt

Ch-24 audio

Ch-602 txt

Ch-602 audio

Ch-25 txt

Ch-25 audio

April 7th

April 7

Ch-603 txt

Ch-603 audio

April 9th

April 9

May 1st

May 1

May 2ns

May 2

May 3rd

May 3

May 4th

May 4

May 5th

Nay 5

May 6th

May 6

May 7th

May 7

May 8th

May 8

May 9th

May 9

May 10th

May 10

May 11th


May 12th

May 12

May 13th

mAY 13

May 15th

May 15

May 16th

May 16

May 17th

May 17

Ch-414 txt

Ch-414 audio

May 18th

May 18

May 20th

May 20

May 21st

May 21

May 22nd

May 22

May 23rd

May 23

May 24th

May 24

May 25th

May 25

May 26th

Nay 26

May 27th

May 27

Ch-352 TXT

Ch-352 audio

May 29th

May 29

May 30th

May 30

May 31st

May 31

Ch-26 txt

Ch-26 audio

June 2nd

June 2

June 3rd

June 3

click here to download file

Ch-637 audio

Ch-27 txt

Ch-27 audio

Ch-28 txt

Ch-28 audio

Ch-29 txt

Ch-29 audio

June 7th

June 7

Ch-30 txt

Ch-30 audio

Ch-31 txt

Ch-31 audio

Ch-35 txt

Ch-35 audio

Ch-43 txt

Ch-43 audio

June 11th

June 11

June 14th

June 14

June 15th

June 15

June 16th

June 16

Ch-428 txt

Ch-428 audio

June 20th

June 20

June 21st

June 21

June 22nd

June 22

June 23rd

June 23

June 24th

June 24

June 25th

June 25

June 26th

June 26

June 27th

June 27

June 29th

June 29

July 2nd

July 2

July 3rd

July 3

July 4th

July 4

July 5th

July 5

July 6th

July 6

July 7th

July 7

July 8th

July 8

July 9th

July 9

July 11th

July 11

July 12th

July 12

July 13th

July 13

July 14th

July 14

July 16th

July 16

Ch-415 txt

Ch-415 audio

July 20th

July 20

July 21st

July 21

July 23rd

July 23

July 25th

July 25

July 26th

July 26

July 28th

July 28

July 29th

July 29

July 30th

July 30

July 31st

July 31

August 2nd

August 2

August 3rd

August 3

August 4th

August 4

August 5th

August 5

August 6th

August 6

Ch-641 txt

Ch-641 audio

August 8th

August 8

August 9th

August 9

Ch-625 txt

Ch-625 audio

August 10th

August 10

August 11th

August 11

Ch-183 txt

Ch-183 audio

Ch-232 txt

Ch-232 audio

August 14th

August 14

Ch-376 txt

Ch-376 audio

Aug 15th See
Aug 15 1946

August 16th

August 16

August 19th

August 19

August 20th

August 20

August 21st

August 21

Ch-1 txt

Ch-1 audio

Ch-2 txt

Ch-2 audio

August 23rd

August 23

Ch-3 txt

Ch-3 audio

Ch-4 txt

Ch4 audio

August 25th

August 25

Ch-5 txt

Ch-5 audio

August 27th

August 27

Ch-6 txt

Ch-6 audio

August 29th

August 29

Ch-7 txt

Ch-7 audio

Ch-8 txt

Ch-8 audio

Ch-9 txt

Ch-9 audio


Ch-10 txt

Ch-10 audio

Ch-11 txt

Ch-11 audio

Ch-12 txt

Ch-12 audio

Ch-13 txt

Ch-13 audio

September 6th

September 6

Ch-14 txt

Ch-14 audio

Ch-15 txt

Ch-15 audio


September 10th

September 10

Ch-334 txt

Ch-334 audio

September 12th

September 12

September 13th

September 13

September 14th

September 14

September 15th

September 15

September 16th

September 16

Ch-360 txt

Ch-360 ahdio

September 18th

Septemder 18

September 19th

September 19

Ch-404 txt

Ch-404 audio

Sept 21st-22nd

Sept 21-22

September 23rd

September 23

Ch-466 txt

Ch-466 audio

September 24th

September 24

September 25th

September 25


September 27th

September 27

Ch-409 txt

Ch-409 audio

September 28th

September 28

Ch-418 txt

Ch-418 audio

September 30th

September 30


Ch-417 txt

Ch-417 audio

Ch-501 txt

Ch-501 audio


Ch-58 txt

Ch-58 audio

October 8th

October 8


October 11th

October 11

Ch-48 txt

Ch-48 audio

October 13th

October 13

Ch-49 txt

Ch-49 audio


October 15th

October 15

Ch-50 txt

Bh-50 audio

October 16th

October 16

Ch-51 txt

Ch-51 audio

October 18th

October 18

October 19th

October 19

October 20th

October 20

October 21st

October 21

October 23rd

October 23

October 24th

October 24

Ch-53 txt

Ch-53 audio


October 26th

October 26

Ch-54 txt

Ch-54 audio

Ch-55 txt

Ch-55 audio

Ch-56 txt

Ch-56 audio

Ch-38 txt

Ch-38 audio


Ch-57 txt

Ch-57 audio

November 1st

November 1

ch-59 txt

Ch-59 audio

November 3rd

November 3

Ch-60 txt

Ch-60 audio

Ch-61 txt

Ch-61 audio

Ch-62 txt

Ch-62 audio

Ch-63 txt

Ch-63 audio


November 9th

November 9

Ch-64 txt

Ch-64 audio

November 10th

November 10

Ch-65 txt

Ch-65 audio

November 11th

November 11

November 14th

November 14


November 16th

November 16

Movember 17th

Movember 17


November 23rd

November 23


November 25th

Movember 25

Ch-39 txt

Ch-39 audio


November 28t

November 28

Ch-33 txt

Ch-33 audio

Movember 29th

Novenber 29


December 2nd

December 2


December 6th

December 6


December 8th

December 8


December 13th

December 13


December 15th

December 15

For Dec 16th
SEE DEC. 18th


December 18th

December 18


Ch-40 txt

Ch-40 audio


December 26th

December 26

Cecember 27th

December 27

December 28th

December 28

Ch-66 txt

Ch-66 audio


December 30th

December 30

Ch-67 txt

Ch-67 audio